Friday, 4 September 2015

AS IT IS - Never Happy, Ever After

1st September 2015

Released earlier this year (April 2015), Never Happy, Ever After is definitely an album that quickly grows on you. The catchy chords and beautiful vocals that American born Patty Walters provides slowly brings you in for more helpings of this emo infused pop-punk record by the Brighton based band. On the first listen through, it may seem like another generic band that made the alternative scene 5-10years ago, but after a few more runs, its something so much more than that. AS IT IS may have heavily emo inspired lyrics, but they are so well written and thought through, seamlessly linking with the rest of the music featuring on each track, with the drums adding a touch of hardcore to each track. Song 5 off of Never Happy, Ever After "Dial Tones" is by far the best track of the bunch with the fantastic vocals sending you on a roller coaster ride of emotions; one minute 2-stepping your heart out; next, throwing a lighter into the air from side to side; and finally, grabbing a random stranger in the crowd to sing a long until your voice is hoarse with (and I challenge anyone to fight the urge to join in singing "all we ever share are dial tones"). "Concrete" is another song that will make you want to get up and shake a leg like tomorrow will never come, once again largely due to some amazing guitar work, but the backing vocals from Benjamin Biss has a HUGE influence over this track. Altogether, Never Happy, Ever After has the perfect amount of crowd pleasing tracks to mosh away life's problems, venue sized sing-alongs, and chilled acoustic songs for when you are alone and need some 'me' time. Overall, a good effort for a first full length album, but hopefully AS IT IS have got a lot more to give in the future, and I look forward to seeing what is next to come from them.
Tracks to check out:
- "Speak Soft"
- "Cheap Shots & Setbacks"
- "Dial Tones"
- "Concrete"

Sam Muckley

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