Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Best Years - Drop Out

28th August 2015

The Manchester outfit Best Years make their second outing into the pop-punk world with their new electrifying EP Drop Out (released 28th August 2015). Carrying on from their 2014 EP Footwork, Best Years have once again made a record to get fans of all ages off their feet and bouncing like a teenager watching the schools punk band playing in the gym. The lyrics to track "Overrated" are superb for a band in their early stages, sounding as if they have been gracing the scene for many years like veterans, and really speaks to anyone that has ever thought of dropping everything to start up a band, to take on the world. Every track on Drop Out is pop-punk at its very best, and if Best Years can keep this momentum going, then the best of years is really ahead of them! Fans can only hope for now that a full length album is not too far away to sink their teeth into, as this is an absolute solid EP, and definitely earns itself 5/5.
Tracks to check out:
- "Overrated"

Sam Muckley

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