Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Homebound - Permanence

8th September 2015

Hailing from Farnham, Surrey, Homebound have been gracing the scene for a couple of years now, and released their EP Permanence in July of this year via Failure by Design Records, and it is truly exceptional! Everything on this EP just fits together perfectly; all the instruments and vocals compliment each other flawlessly, and at no point does anything feel out of place, with all the tracks eloquently rolling into the next, giving a real sense of easy listening. Some critics may want to argue that the vocals sound strained and Americanised, but, in my opinion at least, this works well for Homebound, giving Permanence something extra, more edge. The lyrics on each and every song are also a showcase in writing talent from this relatively new band, treating us to what is (hopefully) a great deal more to come in the near future.
Tracks to check out:
- "Grounded"
- "Cave In"

Sam Muckley

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