Thursday, 3 September 2015


1st September 2015

The Liverpool based pop-punkers WSTR release their debut EP SKRWD on the 4th September, and at a first glance, ITS INCREDIBLE! With catchy lyrics and riffs to get you hooked on the first round of listening, WSTR seem to have got themselves off to a flying start here, even sticking to the old ways of pop-punk veterans such as blink-182, they even have entertaining and humorous music videos to accompany the two leading tracks. "Fair Weather" is easily the soundtrack to any 20-something's life, as it slowly wastes away into "proper" adult life, as well as featuring what is simply one of the greatest lines heard, not just on the EP, but for quite some time; "my friends are dicks but I would never have it any other way." The third track to feature on the amazing SKRWD EP is the more heartfelt, but just as energetic, "Graveyard Shift" which will, as the title suggests, speak to anyone that has found themselves stuck in a dead end and meaningless job, despite still having a healthy amount of teenage angst yet to shift. SKRWD may only be 6 tracks long, but its 6 of the very best, and WSTR are a band that surely must have a lot more to give to the music scene! Make sure you catch them on the "Hi There" tour with Best Years this month at all costs.
Tracks to check out:
- "Fair Weather"
- "Brainsick"

Sam Muckley

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