Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fightstar - Animal (Single)

1st September 2015

Fightstar's latest edition to their already massive roster of mosh pit starting tracks, "Animals" starts off with a calm back drop of drum beats before front man Charlie Simpson's voice explodes into action, reminding us all of what we have been missing out on these past 5 years. Perfectly synchronising, once again, heavy screamo vocals with melodic ones, it takes this fan back to 2007's extremely powerful "Deathcar." Backed with a sprinkling of synths, adding to the power unleashed in this single before Simpson bellows out the chorus; "kill me now, becasue I'm an animal!" It looks like Fightstar could be on to another winner in the build up to up coming tour and album Behind the Devil's Back (scheduled for release on the 16th October 2015), depite, from first glance of the track listing, "Animal" will not be making an appearance. Unless there is some last minute changes with the track listing, which is highly doubtful this late on, it is a real shame that "Animal" fails to make its way on to the album, but if the songs that do feature on the aforementioned record are nearly half as good as this single, Fightstar fans are going to be in for a real treat! 

Sam Muckley

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